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The Benefits of BA (Co-op)

Benefits to Co-op Students

There are several benefits to participating in the BA (Co-op) programme. From the start, students have a peer group with which to identify and so feel connected to their fellow students and school. In the four years of study, students develop a sound awareness of their strengths and career interests, and have a good sense of how they will benefit from their education. Upon graduation, students will have a varied work history to offer prospective employers, as well as a breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding that is becoming ever increasingly needed in professional circles. On a personal level, students develop self-sufficiency and independence and, perhaps most important of all, a capacity and life-long desire for learning.

Benefits to Co-op Employers

Becoming a Co-op employer is both easy and rewarding. The benefits of working with our students are countless. For instance:

  • Co-op students bring a fresh perspective to organizations and projects.
  • Co-op students are cost-effective contributors to your organization’s success.
  • Co-op students allow your organization to meet seasonal and project-based labour needs.
  • Co-op students are focused on learning and developing their skills, and delivering quality work that benefits your organization.

In addtion, it allows you to meet and assess some of the university’s best students in your work environment.