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An Honours BA in Political Science consists of 54 credit hours in Political Science, including:

POLS 2106 Canadian Government and Politics
POLS 2606 International Relations and Foreign Policy
POLS 2303 Comparative Politics of the Developed World
POLS 2313 Comparative Politics of Developing Areas
POLS 2806 The Western Tradition of Political Philosophy
POLS 3913 Honours Thesis Proposal
POLS 4903 Capstone Seminar – Problems in Political Inquiry
POLS 4923 Honours Thesis

In addition, students must take another 3 credit hours at the 4000 level. Of the remaining courses, two must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Honours students are strongly encouraged to take MATH 1103 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning.

Candidates will be expected to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 in the Honours subject. In calculating the grade point average for Honours, all courses in the Honours subject will be counted. Students must achieve at least a B in each of Political Science 3913 and 4923.

Students who wish to take the Honours BA in Political Science are strongly encouraged to consult with the Chair of the Department before the end of their second year. Students are expected to take Political Science 3913 during their third year. Students must complete Political Science 3913 with a minimum grade of B before they may enroll in Political Science 4923, which they must also complete with a minimum grade of B.

Students in Political Science may count the following Great Ideas courses toward their Major or Honours programs: GRID 2012, 3206, and 3306. However, each of these courses counts for only 3 credits in their Political Science programmes.

The Guidelines for Honours Theses preparation can be found here.