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Political Science examines the fundamental ideas and institutions that govern society. It investigates the nature of statecraft, citizenship, power, justice, community, law and freedom. It is also the investigation of the ways in which our own political order shapes our view of the world. What responsibilities does an individual have to his or her society? Who has the right to make laws? Are there universal principles of government? Should concerns about human rights in a country take precedence over its own laws? Searching for answers to these questions through political science can help students become thoughtful, critical and responsible citizens. The study of politics is thus an essential part of a liberal arts education - one that seeks to liberate us from uninformed opinion. The political science department at St. Thomas offers majors and honours programmes with particular strengths in Canadian government and politics, comparative governments and politics, international relations and foreign policy, and political philosophy. One upper level course includes a cooperative work placement in a branch or agency of the municipal, provincial or federal government.