Sociology 2313A
(Peter Weeks, Fall, 2004)

Course Description:
This course examines both sociological theories and empirical materials concerning behaviour and thought which are defined by groups or agents of social control as violating the bounds of what is considered 'normal', moral, or legal.

In the first part of the course, major theoretical perspectives will be reviewed ranging from Functionalist perspectives to the more recent ones including Marxism, Labelling, Ethnomethodology, and Feminist theory.

In addition to various social sources of deviance, we will consider the processes of defining deviance in the first place involving both people's common-sense assumptions as well as the professional judgments of psychiatrists or the justice system. This brings us to issues of social control and the relation between dominant institutions and deviant subgroups. For example, there is the contrast between the criminal justice and medical models of problem behaviour.

In the second part of this course, these theoretical perspectives will be applied to substantive areas including sexual deviance (such as prostitution, pornography, and homosexuality), mental illness, drug use, and élite deviance, as well as the portrayal of deviance and crime in the mass media. Recent research in Canada will be given emphasis.

Required Texts:

Two books will be required, the first being a convenient textbook and the second a collection of readings emphasizing Canadian research:

1. Deutschmann, Linda B. Deviance and Social Control, third edition.
2. Beaman, Lori G. (ed.). New Perspectives on Deviance.

Both are Canadian paperbacks which should be available for purchase in the UNB Bookstore at or near the beginning of the term.

Assignments & Evaluation:

First Report/Essay 20%
Midterm 20%
Second Report/Essay 30%
Final Examination 30%


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