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Narrative Matters 2002
   Delegates' Comments







Delegates’ Comments
Narrative Matters 2002


Mary Catherine Bateson, PhD
author of Composing a Life and Peripheral Visions

David Kuhl, MD, PhD
author of What Dying People Want

“What 2 or 3 words best summarize your experience at this conference?”

• mindfully conceptualized conference
• artfully executed program
• enormously rich learning experiences
• life-altering
• superb
• deep, friendly, human intellectual sharing experience
• enlightening, heartwarming, informative
• interesting and stimulating
• engaging
• communitas
• wonderful to be with fellow travellers
• fun, profound, collegial
• narrative indeed matters
• collegiality, polyphonic, joyous and engaged atmosphere
• gratifying, stimulating, and informative
• inspiring and personal
• a tremendous learning experience, eye-opening
• truly nourishment for body, mind, and soul
• a wonderful conference
• a fantastic feat
• seamless and congruent
• a good story
• engaging, thoughtful, inspiring
• deeply moving
• lots of opportunity for dialogue
• intellectually stimulating and rewarding
• interactive, friendly, openness to sharing
• a narrative orgasm
• inspired, supported, affirmed
• provocative, connecting, inspiring
• validation that Narrative Matters
• relaxed, informative, encouraging
• calming, affirming, relaxing
• exhilarating and rewarding
• reaffirming of the value of narrative process / methodology in varied research disciplines