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Principal Co-organizers

The organizing committee for Narrative Matters 2004 has included faculty and students from both St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick. Among those who have contributed centrally to planning and preparing for the conference are:

William L. Randall, EdD, (co-chair)
Dolores Furlong (co-chair)
Rosemary Clews
Linda Turner
John McKendy

Elizabeth McKim
Kim Fewer (staff)
Colleen McKendy (staff)
Eaglespirit (staff)


A large number of volunteers have assisted in making the conference a reality. The list below is by no means complete, but among those helping are:

Jim Christopher
Eileen Malone
Austin Malone
Jennifer Hay
Amanda Quinn
Joanne Vincent
Marianne Skarborn
Jean Denning
Deborah Cooke
Michelle Aravallo
Rina Daigle
Shannon Sawler