Narritive Matters 2004  Narrative Matters 2004

Preliminary Overall Conference Program

(Posters, Storytelling, Symposia/Roundtable, Workshops, Multi-media, Single Papers)(F) = Faculty; (S) = Student; (P) = Practitioner; (I) = Independent NOTE: Abstracts and bios for each presentation will be available on registration at the conference.


10:30 am - 12:00 noon

Room Theme Type / Title Presenter(s)
Human Rights The story of the Irish famine and the struggle to preserve human dignity Michael McGowan (F)
Hampstead Health / Ethics Narratives in a Family Medicine Residency training program Maureen Rappaport (P)
Citizenship, practical reason, and the narrative ethic of care Sheila Mason (F)
Critical /
Islam, the West, and the tasks of critical scholarship: Edward Said, Bernard Lewis, and "the question of orientalism" revisited Mathieu Courville (S)
Critical fictions: Expanding our "we" communities Mary Sheerin (F)
Delta Training Room (DTR) Depression Telling our story: Narrative perspectives on depression and politics David Drake (F)
Narratives of depression in present day Finland Vilma Hänninen (F)
GRB "A" Developing narrative possibilities in conversation with men about abuse: Innovations in domestic violence counseling Art Fisher (P)
GRB "B" Toward effective retention efforts: The use of narrative in understanding the experiences of racially diverse college students Diane Gillespie (F), L. Blue (F), G. Woods (P)
GRB "C" The power of story to promote personal and professional growth in the workplace environment Anne Fraser (S) & D. Stevens


1:30 am - 3:00 pm

Victoria Politics
Symbols, stories and icons in Mexico's neo-Zapatista movement: Conflicting narratives, the nation state, and the battle for pluriethnicity and democratic economic policies Matthew Carpenter (S)
Macro and micro political narratives Molly Andrews (F)
Hampstead Men in Prison Do narratives matter?: The influence of longitudinal research on the biographies of male adolescents with prison experience Almut Koesling (S)
"I'm very careful about that": Narrative and agency of men in prison John McKendy (F)
Aberdeen Indigenous Narratives "I belong to Musqueamî": Language, memory, and identity in Aboriginal life narratives Ulrich Teucher (F)
Reflective teaching practice in hinterland Guyana: The voice of Amerindian women in the development of effective models for teacher training Susan Sproule (F)
DTR Folklore Form, function, and field: Contrastive narrative structure and didactic moral in folktales Soe Malar Lwin (S)
Evolving transliteracies and postmodern fairytales Heather Lotherington (F)
GOV BRM Creative grieving: Honouring my daughter's memory and learning to enjoy life again Susan Young (I)
GBR "A" Performing subjectivity: The transformative potential of women's narratives Nurit Eini-Pindyck (F): T. Hurd; S. Jones; M. Wolfson
GBR "D" Revitalizing the uncolonized mind: Indians-and-cowboys Lois Provost-Turchetti (F)
GBR "B" Translations, truths, and troubles in writing ethnographic lives Donna Seamone (F) & P.Holmes-Rodman; W.Rodman; K.Koppedrayer
GBR "C" Ethical issues in the presentation of genetic-based narratives Susan Cox (F) & J. Nisker (P)


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Victoria Journalism The use of narrative in radio documentary Bernie Lucht (P)
Biography and narrative: The researcher's challenge Philip Lee (F)
Hampstead Culture Change and preservation in life-stories of Bedouin students Anat Kainan (F)
Assessing the values of narratives with children Malcolm Miller (F)
Aberdeen History Rebuilding Paris after 1870: Public spaces, history, and forgetting Janice Best (F)
Reading/listening between the lines: Perceiving and understanding taboo topics in interviews with former Nazis Stephan Marks (F)
Conversion/ Career From "hired gun" to "true believer": The power of conversion stories in promoting an organization's mission Prudence Merton (S)
Snippets of story and song: Teacher educators reflect on their careers Dianne Hallman (F)
DTR Aging / Wisdom Age identity and the creation and discovery of personal meaning in life Jessica Gish (S)
Narratives and wisdom: The lives of women growing older Susan McPherson (I)
GBR "A" Rape What counts in "What happened?": The use of narrative in feminist legal analyses of sexual assault Karla O'Regan (F)
Journeying towards positive outcomes after trauma: Stories from Aboriginal and Caucasian women's standpoints Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr (F)
GOV BRM Sweethearts vs strangers: Changes in women's relationship narratives as a function of the intended audience Carolyn Birnie (S)
GBR "D" Narratives of experience: The vulnerable body Nancy Davis-Halifax (F)
GBR "B" Interactive construction of storytelling in the management of young male identities Michael Bamberg (F), V. Kalia (S),M. Barcinski (S), L.Moissinac (S)
GBR "C" Logic of citizenship in times of national crisis: State and popular citizenship in post-September 11th United States Tatiana Omeltchenko (S)


8:30 am - 10:00 am

Victoria Grief


From silence to voice: A journey of healing after grief Patricia Deitch (S)
Into the light: Writing the story of a journey through grief Pamela Kenna (P)
Hampstead SLA / Literacy Language learner narratives: Bridges to SLA literature and pedagogy Linda Steinman (S)
Images and imagination in literacy education Heather Richmond (F) & C. Miles
Aberdeen Identity / Citizenship Narrative perspectives on the Canadian landscape: Dialogues of perception Gail Matthews (S) & A. Forsythe Moore
Envisioning intimate citizenship: Narrating new love stories Heather Fraser (F)
Carleton Children's Stories Narrative inquiry: The place of story in the lives of young children Esther Chan (S)
Can I Play? Narratives of Punjabi girls at "non-instructional school times" Mandeep Kaur Basran (S)
DTR Metaphor / Self Living in stories through images and metaphors: Recognizing unity in diversity Shijing Xu (S) & D. Stevens
Images of self-identity: Glimpsing past selves and constructing a new story using a metaphor of life as a house Carmen Shields (F) & V. Patton
GBR "C" Dreams / Images Narrative shifts: The role of metaphor in literature, everyday narratives, and dreams Cindy Messina (S)
The inner smile: Image, hermeneutic narrative, and learning Jo-Anne Collins (F)

Women's Agency Mikus and resistance in a hidden transcript: A Pakistani domestic worker's narrative Maggie Ronkin (S)

Dominican women's narratives: From moral discourse to an ethics of self Robbyn Seller (S)
GOV BRM Tales of recovery: Story types and turning points in autobiographical narratives of therapeutic change Brenda Dyer (S)
GBR "B" The power of story in graduate teacher education: Pushing boundaries, opening up spaces Margaret Olson (F) & J. Huber; J.Orr; A. Murray Orr; D. Pushor; J. Tompkins


10:30 am - 12:00 noon

Cancer Living in the final stages of gynaecological/breast cancer: Mother-daughter narratives of life and approaching death Kim Bonia (S)
Erica's story: "I was looking for an explanation to my early onset of breast cancer but at the same time I didn't want to hear that I had the gene" Christine Maheu (S)
Hampstead Security Constructing an ethical researcher identity: Narrating the self in fieldwork practice Dan Mahoney (F)
"Then I got arrested on my way to work": The sense of an ending in a life story Patrick O'Neill (F)
Aberdeen Addiction / Burnout It's "high time" for narrative in addiction research Kari Ala-Leppilampi (S)
Storytelling and listening from the inside: Prevention of burnout in child welfare workers Sandra deVink-LeBlanc (F)
Carleton Reading / Therapy Reading as autobiographical inquiry: Stories of reading told by Catherine and Susie Sophie Hwang (S)
Intersecting fiction and theory, or Ariadne's Dream and narrative therapy: A short inquiry into the function of fiction Richard Cassidy (S)
DTR Marital


How ideal is ideal? Style and content of marriage narratives as predictors of marital well-being over time Diane Holmberg (F) & T. Orbuch
"That relationship was over a long time ago": Divorce stories as a therapeutic project in recollecting the self Chris McCormick (F)
GBR "C" Profess-ional Identity Two nurse-teachers use story to explore the professional identity of nursing Jasna Schwind (F) & A. Chan
Creating third space: The use of stories to support shifts in identity and performance David Drake (F)
GBR "D" Untold Stories Champions for children: Stories of successful foster parents Stephanie Wasserman (S)
Exploring the untold stories: Missing years in narratives from war brides Rosemary Clews (F), Laura Taylor (F),& Kristin Newman (S)
GOV BRM The marriage of word and image: Communicating our stories with youth in a postmodern world Rebecca Hazell (P)
GBR "A" Creating life story as a process of transformative learning Sandy Greer (P)
GBR "B" A metaphorical re-storying: Metaphors of flying examined through the lens of an immediate deadline Jessie Lees (F) & B. Barter; M. Dickson


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Victoria Embodied Stories Finding voice and reclaiming identity: Embodied wisdom in the lived experience of Norte as de Nuevo Mexico Gloria Cordova (S)
Corporeal chickens and narrative eggs: Reflections on the embodiment of story Elizabeth McKim (F)
Hampstead Sexuality Researching anti-gay/lesbian violence in Canada: Stories as data Ellen Faulkner (F)
Narratives of transnational movement and sex trade Pamela Downe (F )
Aberdeen Environ-ment Invoking unexpected narratives through conservation: Discourses of identity and place in Sumava National Park, Czech Republic Kathryn Furlong (S)
Facing the environmental challenge: A "radical re-storying"of the role of the human on earth John Coates (F)
Carleton Social


Finding a new story: What to do when the old stories don't work Margaret Barkley (F)
Feminine/feminist: Narratives of relational learning in women's social action organizations Leona English (F)
DTR Working Women Thinking and talking about books, thinking and writing about books Victoria Northcott (S)
Narrating self in interviews: The co-construction of a working woman Sandra Jean Jones (F)
GBR "C" Integration Puzzles as phenomena: Participant artifacts and the narratives within Anne Forsythe Moore (S)
Constructing healing narratives: Practicing integration Paul Wishart (I)
GBR "D" Adult


The story circle: Weaving story lines in adult education Marie Tondreau (F)
Sociology students' narratives: Andragogical tales of epiphanies and triumphs Maeve Landman (F)
GOV BRM East meets West: Apprenticeship with a Bangladeshi Kopiidas traditional healer Luke deMarsh (S)
GBR "A" From Birthday Suit (the story) to Birthday Suit (the film) Roger Moore (F) & Tony Merzetti
GBR "B" Time, space, and character in the narrative constructions of identities Michael Bamberg (F); M. Freeman; A. Georgakapoulou; A. Ritivoi


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Mental Illness Story and confession in recent narratives of mental illness Hilary Clark (F)
The speech of the suffering soul: Four readings of William Styrone's Darkness Visible Suzanne England (F); G. Ganzer;R-M. Perez Foster; C. Tosone
Hampstead Healthcare Restorying Alzheimers: Individual and organizational stories for a new culture of dementia care Linda Hanford (S)
"Being more than a medical record": The importance of connection in young adult women's health relationships Amy Rutstein-Riley (F)
Aberdeen Trauma Researching neighbourhood trauma and shame: The importance of narrative ethnography to the researcher's experience of fieldwork trauma Kate Connolly (F)
Imagining trauma: A literary approach to ethnic and societal healing through narrative Elaine Lux (F)
Carleton Literature The conceptual history of narrative Matti Hyvärinen (F)
As we are now: Narrative, aging, and the curriculum Karen Hamer (F) & K.-A. Perkins (F)
DTR Mental


Postmodern diagnosis: Self before science in the search for identity Laura Kerr (F)
Unfolding stories in a psychiatric setting: The retelling of narratives in an interview situation Branca Telles Ribeiro (F)& & Maria Tereza Lopes Dantas

GBR "C" Women / Aging Re-creating selves: Older women in academic degree programs Suzanne Baer (S)
Narrative as cultural combat: A feminist critiques middle age Ruth Ray (F)
GBR "D" Immigration A narrative curriculum for a post modern education Naghmana Ali (S)
Narrating self home: Constructions of self and place in life story interviews with Irish immigrant women Michele Wolfson (F)
GOV BRM Narrative as a way of meaning-making in listening to and discussing traditional folk and fairytales Judy Caulfield (F)
GBR "A" Narrative transformation through participatory engagement with artwork Florence Samson (F)
GBR "B" Deep listening, deep healing, deep learning: Drawing people's stories to the surface Marilyn Noble (P) & R. Clews; J. McKendy


8:30 am - 10:00 am

Victoria Children's Health Can we create a story for us? Narrating allergy Tarja Aaltonen (F);V.Loyttyniemi(MD)

"What the children said, what the therapist answered":Mutual narrative and enactment in child therapy Theresa Aiello (F)
Hampstead Writing "I don't just write, I am a writer": Stories of academic writers Dawne Clarke (S)
Writing yourself: Biracial, bicultural identity dialogues Penny Kinnear (S)
Aberdeen Birth Stories Birth @ Internet: Exploring the discourses of childbirth in internet-based birth narratives Kim Nuernberger (S)
Birth stories and the narrative construction of maternal identities Fiona Nelson (F)
Carleton Narrative Tools Knowledge construction and reconstruction as narrative emplotment Margaret Olson (F)
Understanding gender and leisure interactions: Autobiographical writing as an educational tool Charlene Shannon (F)
DTR Health Narratives of marginality and ontological design Sonya Delgado (S)

Life ain't art: Teaching the telling Wanda Campbell (F)
GBR "C" Narrative


Narrative construction of expertise Ulpukka Isopahkala (S)
Facilitating narrative learning Carolyn Clark (F) & M. Rossiter
GBR "D" Chronic


Stepping off the road: A narrative (of) inquiry Sally Kimpson (S)
Untold stories: Women in the helping professions as sufferers of chronic pain restorying (dis)ability Judy MacDonald (F)
Royal Mothers / Daughters Under construction: The power of narrative in the making of self Faith Lagay (P)
Creating memories: A mother and daughter co-author stories about a childhood Miriam Taylor (S) & Rosemary Clews (F)
GBR "A" Chords and melodies: Interpersonal therapeutic narrative Ariella Damelin (F)
GBR "B" Inner journey through personal narratives: Chaos to courage Susan Larkin (S) & K. Roden


10:30 am - 12:00 noon

Victoria Literary


Narrative identity and the demands of bildung in Hermann Hesse's The Glass Bead Game Barry Stephenson (S)
Stories of voice: The literary interview as narrative (self) performance Laurie Kruk (F)
Hampstead Women's


Salome reconstructed: Biblical figures in popular culture Shelly Colette (S)
Recreating myth: A contemporary narrative Olivia Collette (S)
Aberdeen Research / Memory You can't just flip a switch: A researcher's story of establishing trustworthiness and objectivity in narrative research Chris Ferguson (F)
From computer to compost heap: A narrative perspective on autobiographical memory William Randall (F)
Carleton Thinking Narratively Writing narrative voices: Composites of character Gail Matthews (S)
Thinking narratively across time and space: Curriculum-making by a nurse teacher Gail Lindsay (F)
DTR Minorities Teachers from afar: Narrative inquiry into the changing identity of three visible minority immigrant teachers in diverse landscapes Odilia Ng (S)
Walking into the midst of stories: To see is to believe? Shijing Xu (S)
GBR "C" Endings Exploring the importance of researchers' narratives and reflexive accounts in academic enquiries Wanda Ross (S)
A tale of two colleges: Constructing an exit identity through dialogical storying David Rehorick (F)
GOV BRM Tales from The Spiritus Mundi: Self-validating inspired stories Bruce Blackman (P)

GBR "A" Artifact storytelling between seniors and students Jan Buley (S)
GBR "B" Narrative inquiry as a pathway to constructing a personal epistemology: Re-searching stories of past as a basis for present and emerging selves Carmen Shields (F) & N. Novak, B. Starr, V. Bartle, & T. Rankin
GBR "D" Mindfulness meditation: Experiencing your stories in the present moment Elisabeth Gold (F); R. Hazell; C. Schneider (I)


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Victoria Separation / Widowers Cross-generational relationshipsamong women: Reflections of a young researcher Kristin Newman (S)
Widowers' stories: Older men talk about losing their wives Deborah van den Hoonaard (F)
Hampstead Teacher's Metaphors The complex interplay between common and novel metaphors in teachers' knowledge construction of school reform Cheryl Craig (F)
Knight, mid-wife, seer: Conceptual metaphors and other idealized prototypes in faculty narratives about teaching Diane Gillespie (F)
Aberdeen Therapy / Men Narrative therapy with feeling resistant men Malcolm Gray (F)
Narrative construction and performance in the psychological treatment of prison inmates James Waldram (F)
Carleton Teaching Narrative Narrative perspectives in Computer Science education Dalit Levy (F)
Attraction to story: Exploring personality traits among those with strong interests in narrative Jean Denning (F)
DTR Narrative Discourse Regarding narrative: Using narrative as a research tool Hilary Brown (S)
Layering discourse(s): Making/moving words in narrative spaces Lace Marie Brogden (S)
Royal Suite Interruptions / Boundaries Deconstruction as narrative interruption James Gilbert-Walsh (F)
Negotiating boundaries: Narratives from rural helpers Dolores Furlong (F); R. Clews (F); W. Randall (F); & S. MacAulay (S)

GBR "C" Truth What makes a story true - believable? Chris Colgan (S)
The unreliable narrator and the educational researcher: A promising problematic Elizabeth de Freitas (F)
GBR "D" Death / Trauma A narrative approach to death education Gila Strauch (F)
Voces de Las Madres: Traumatic bereavement after gang-related homicide Maureen Campesino (F)
GOV BRM Encounters along the human journey: Resiliency in stories of the marginalized and powerless Willow Edwards (S)
GBR "A" Digging and dowsing in Walkerton: Re-storying a traumatized town Susan Scott (P)
GBR "B" The group of seven: The editing process as personal narrative Judy Caulfield (F); F. Cautillo; E. Chan; J. Collins; M. Gold; A. Moore; V. Northcott