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Narrative Matters 2002
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An Interdisciplinary Conference on Narrative
Perspectives, Approaches, and Issues Across
the Humanities and Social Sciences

THEME: The Power of Story in a Postmodern World

Location: Delta Hotel, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Dates: Thursday, May 20 - Sunday, May 23, 2004

Narrative has emerged as pivotal to human knowing, relating, and experiencing. Over 200 people from 14 countries attended Narrative Matters 2002. At the urging of delegates, a second conference is being organized for 2004. Its aim is to provide a forum for conversation among theorists, students, researchers, and practitioners using narrative perspectives in such diverse fields as education, journalism, healthcare, psychology, sociology, history, literature, and the arts.

Keynote speakers include psychologist Mark Freeman, PhD, author of Rewriting the Self: History, Memory, and Narrative (Routledge), and award-winning Canadian writer, Sharon Butala, author of The Perfection of the Morning and Real Life (HarperCollins). Pre-conference workshops are being planned on narrative therapy; the use of stories in healthcare; and the place of story in indigenous cultures.

Proposals are invited for papers or presentations on a variety of topics: e.g., narrative in personal life and relationships; narrative in fiction and non-fiction; applying the “story” metaphor; the process of storying in politics, religion, ethics, the media, and everyday life. Proposals will be reviewed by the planning committee and those accepted will be made available to delegates. Selected papers presented at the conference will appear in a set of Conference Proceedings.

Proposals should be sent as e-mail attachments to by August 15, 2003, in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word. The following information is required for each presenter:

  • family name, given name, and initials
  • institutional affiliation and department
  • degrees obtained (beginning with most recent)
  • recent positions & those relevant to the conference (beginning with most recent)
  • recent publications & those relevant to the conference (beginning with most recent)
  • title and 100-150 word outline of presentation
  • format of presentation, plus unique features, e.g., equipment needs (No Powerpoint presentations!)
  • contact information: mailing address, e-mail address, phone & fax numbers

Formats for presentations include:

  • single paper (20 mins) - report on ideas, research, work in progress, or other projects
  • multi-media (20-60 mins) - e.g., story-space, dance, video, etc.
  • symposium (90 mins) - roundtable/panel presenting various views on same topic
  • poster (half day) - 1 m x 2 m panel to display materials re research or project
For More Information: Dr. William L. Randall
St. Thomas University
Fredericton, NB,
Canada E3B 5G3
Phone: 1-506-452-0632
Fax: 1-506-452-0611

Note: Application for funding towards delegates expenses will be sought from the SSHRC “Aid to Occasional Research Conferences” program.