Talent Night

Some Samples

Here are some samples of what transpired. As they come in there'll be pictures and additional texts, where people send me the texts.

Doug Brent told us "How to Feel Old."

Sandy Baardman sang us some new and old Sam Baardman (that's who he is on his CDs) songs, including "Hearts and Hands" (this is a link to the words and -- if you have sound -- to Sandy's recording from his first CD, Kicking the Stone Home.) His second, The Rookery, was released a few weeks after the conference.)

Pat Dias and Sandy Baardman did some blues.

Anne Hunt got us to take our shoes off, and then put them on our heads.

Kenna Manos, Pat Dias and Sandy Baardman sang us a song about finding ourselves in mirrors.

Tania Smith played the accordian and sang.

Russ Hunt read us, yet again, a chunk of Randall Jarrell's The Bat-Poet.

Jean Mason and Charlotte Hussey read and danced

Donna-Lee Smith read to us