From the Editor's Notepad

This issue of Inkshed was clearly inspired by the most recent conference, Inkshed 21, held in Sun Peaks.

Thanks are due to Henry Hubert, Rachel Nash, Yaying Zhang, and the many graduate student volunteers who worked so hard to produce another compelling conference. The minutes of the AGM are in this issue. The submissions this time all came out of the conference in one way or another. Geoff Cragg has reproduced his presentation on the merits and pitfalls of using computer technology to deliver large enrolment courses, Doug Brent offers a method for teaching both the why and how of documentation, and Miriam Horne explains what inkshedding means to her. The process of inkshedding came up as a topic of conversation -- or perhaps “debate” is a more accurate term -- frequently during the conference and we hope to include a presentation or workshop to explore this thing in more depth at the next conference. The next conference will be held in Nova Scotia, at White Point Beach Lodge, May 12-15 2005. The organizing committee -- Pat Saunders, Kenna Manos, Jane Milton and Russ Hunt -- have already begun the planning and hope to have a call for proposals ready for early Fall. Please note the weekend is one later than usual.

This is my final edition of Inkshed. Roger and Heather Graves have kindly volunteered to take on a joint editorship, for which I am grateful. They will publish their contact info and make a call for submissions via the listserv. I have enjoyed my stint at the job and thank all of you who provided articles, support, and encouragement along the way. I thank Russ, in particular, for taking care of the technological end of the project and for providing advice whenever I asked.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer,

Jane Milton

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