This newsletter provides a forum for its subscribers to explore relationships among research, theory, and practice in language acquisition and language use, particularly in a Canadian context. Subscribers are invited to submit informative pieces such as notices, reports, and reviews of articles, journals, books, textbooks, conferences, and workshops, as well as polemical discussions of events, issues, problems, and questions of concern to teachers, students, scholars and researchers interested in reading and writing theory and practice.

Please submit newsletter material for the next issue to the incoming editors

Jo-Anne André and Barbara Schneider
Social Sciences 301
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

Inkshed editors and editorial consultants, past and present, include

Laura Atkinson, Manitoba Teachers' Association

Roger Graves, DePaul University

Phyllis Artiss, Memorial University

Mary Kooy, University of Toronto

Sandy Baardman, University of Manitoba

Russell A. Hunt, St. Thomas University

Marcy Bauman, University of Michigan--Dearborn

Margaret Procter, University of Toronto

Doug Brent, University of Calgary

Pat Sadowy, University of Winnipeg

Mary-Louise Craven, York University

Judy Segal, University of British Columbia

Richard M. Coe, Simon Fraser University

Leslie Sanders, York University

Susan Drain, Mount Saint Vincent University

Graham Smart, Purdue University

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