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Microsoft Word / Corel WordPerfect Problems





Microsoft Word / Corel WordPerfect Solutions:


How do I check the word count in a document?


Word Perfect

At the top left hand side of the screen you will see an option on the menu bar marked ‘File’. Click on that and a drop down menu will appear. On that menu select ‘Properties’. You will then see a screen with two tabs. Select the tab marked ‘Information’.


Microsoft Word

Go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Word Count’.


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How do I add page numbers to a document? 

First, make sure your cursor is on the page where you want the numbers to start. If your title page is the first page in your document, make sure your cursor is placed on the next page down. If your title page is at the end of your document, ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ the title page onto a new document. If you don’t want your page numbers to include 1 on your first page, be sure to put the cursor on your second page. The numbering will start with 2 on the second page.


Word Perfect

On the top menu bar select ‘Format’. On the drop down menu select ‘Page’ and then ‘Numbering’. In the box marked ‘Position’, select where you want the page numbers to go, ie. top left, bottom centre, top right, etc. Also, select the ‘page numbering format’ in the next box down.  Then click ‘set value’ , when the box appears select ‘let pages change as pages are added or deleted’ and select the page number you want the numbering to start at.  Then click ‘apply’, ‘ok’ and ‘close’.   This ensures that your numbers will appear how you want them.



Microsoft Word

            On the top menu bar select ‘View’. On the drop down menu select ‘Header and Footer’.  Then you can select any one of the three options on the right hand side of the toolbar that will appear; Insert page number, Insert number of pages, Format page number.

            Or, on the top menu bar select ‘Insert’. On the drop down menu select ‘Page Numbers’.



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How do I delete page numbers from a document?


Word Perfect

Put your cursor on the page where you want to delete the page numbers. From the menu bar, at the top of the screen, select ‘Format’. On the drop down menu select ‘Page’ then ‘Suppress’. Select ‘page numbering’ in the next box and then click OK. The page numbering on that page should then be suppressed.



Microsoft Word

            On the top menu bar select ‘View’. On the drop down menu select ‘Header and Footer’.  If you positioned the page numbers at the bottom of the page, click ‘Switch Between Header and Footer’. Select a page number.



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How do I convert a Word document to a WordPerfect document?


You can either save your document in Rich Text Format (.rtf) or ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ the contents of your document from Word into WordPerfect. Note: you can only use ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ if you have both Word and WordPerfect on your computer. You can also click 'save as' and set the 'save as type' to WordPerfect.




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Can a file that contains boxes when opened be repaired?


When this happens ask the person working the help desk to help you.  Usually these boxes mean that that specific file or the entire disk has errors on it.  The help desk worker will run a virus scan of your disk and correct the errors that can be fixed. 


A lot of the times the errors are not fixable and the disk has to be thrown away.  This is why we strongly recommend that you save to your F: drive as well as/or instead of a floppy disk, it avoids hassles and lost papers in the future.



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How do I save a file so I can open it in Word or WordPerfect?


When you go to save a file, instead of selecting ‘save’, select ‘save as’, name the file as you normally would but in the field beside where it says ‘file type as’ select ‘rich text format (.rtf).  This file type is recognizable by all word processing programs.



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Can I open a file that was saved in Microsoft Works?


How to open Microsoft Works (.wps) files:

- open WordPerfect
- open the .wps file from WordPerfect
- When prompted to chose file format, chose ‘QuickFinder Log’
- first 2/3 lines might have sentences not related to the file, just
delete those lines


If this does not work try opening the file in Microsoft Word.  Unfortunately, if this doesn't work, you will need to convert the file to either Microsoft word or WordPerfect on the computer that the Microsoft Works document was created on.



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How do I change the spell check to French in WordPerfect?


First, go to the “Tools” menu, then select “Language: Settings”, then in the window that appears, scroll down to “French-Canada” and select it. Click on “OK”.


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