News from the Hunt front, 2002-2003

Elder Hunts have celebration of 40th anniversary organized for them, June
Rachael and Rhiannon explore Montréal with their Grandparents (and Kate), March
Jen takes the punkins to Montréal, February
A guide to skiing on Keswick Ridge, February
The Great Elvis at the Legion controversy, January-February
Kit, Jen, Meme and Marsha visit Wally in Plymouth, News Year's Day
Dinner at the Addlemans', December 27
Thanksgiving dinner on the Ridge, October 14

Bel Canto Killer Altos leave for Liberal leader's wedding, September 21

Anne's Birthday celebrated in Toronto, August 15-16 
Anne & Russ visit Jen & Kit at the House of the Black Lagoon, August 15-16 
Everybody gets in on the act of building the new deck, July - August

Bill and Phyllis get married, Grosse Ile, June 29
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