Dinners in  June
So on Saturday we had market cod, asparagus (some from the garden)   and a wonderful salad. There were other amazing meals along the way, but the next one I have pictures of involved Rachael too and was a version of   Kit's corn bread and southern fried chicken. Later in the week we had a  wonderful steak with  marinated stuffed portobellos and corn   on the deck.
But the Big Deal was the Anniversary / Father's Day feast Kit planned and executed (here's the working menu) with the invaluable help   of the sou-chef Rachael. It began with "Where you started" -- an "update" of burgers, fries and a shake that looked, in the event, like   this, and was actually a tiny wild boar & tamarind patty with chipotle ketchup, sweet potato fries in a custom Rachael-made fry envelope, and a buttermilk chocolate shake with nutmeg. A bit later, the next course ("Where you've been") invoked three places:  Italy (squash & cottage cheese ricotta with walnut cream sauce), Germany (weisswurst in a Riesling reduction) and Greece (spanikopita with a sun-dried tomato sauce). Then it was "Where you are":  maple-Dijon glazed salmon, fiddlehead and mushroom tartlet, and roasted garlic mashed potoatoes with  raspberry drizzle (in the shape of a maple leaf, natch). On to dessert: "What's Next?"  -- which was a raspberry coulis question mark     with fresh fruit, a bit of marzipan and some chocolate truffley things Rachael whipped up. And, of course, cheese and fruit. Happy Father's Day? Happy 45th Anniversary? Natch.45th? Isn't that the dinner anniversary?

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