The Goodrich Project

What Paul and Marsha are doing to the house

So we began by looking at the interior. This is the corner of what will be the main living room. This is looking out the side, over the driveway coming into the existing house , and this is looking back toward the main house. This is the cool whirlpool bathtub , and here's Paul admiring his work. This is where you used to go into the kitchen, and where the wall will come out; the kitchen will extend into this space.

From the outside it looks like this, walking around it mostly counterclockwise to the back corner. This is mostly the existing house -- and here's where the birds dine out.

Oh, yeah, and here's where you sleep. If you think it looks big, here's how it looks from outside, and walking back from the camper the house looks like this.

Oh, yes, and you need to visit the three happy horses .

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