The 2007 Newfoundland Flying Visit

So here was lunch in Salt Spring Park. Then it was straight to North Sydney and the maw of the looming M. V. Caribou . You can't see it but we're headed toward a ramp up to an upper deck. Next morning we took off from the Port aux Basques Hotel up past Table Mountain and the Dolly Partons , where there were were wonderful rockfalls. Corner Brook is just gorgeous , and so was the Glynmill Inn. Our room wasn't ready, so we went for a hike around the pond and across Corner Brook. We thought this miscegeny of tree roots was fascinating and so were some other views of the pond and the brook .

Some shots of the actual wedding
This was actually, of course, what we came for. The church was in Curling, and you could see a long way east out the bay from it. there was a lovely bride , and a gathering outside the church , and a reception where we ate dinner. That night, Anne's camera had a stroke, so there are no pictures of the salmon jumping at Big Falls. We were assured they'd have looked like this (the first two aren't linked to larger pictures, as I could only find small ones). . These two, though, have larger versions . Wish we'd seen them . . .

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