I won't have time to explore all of these strategies in any detail here. My aim is really to try to introduce a range of possibilities that you may not have thought of, and make it possible for you to pursue them in greater detail if you're interested (and to continue to talk about them with me, if you're interested in that). The text of this presentation, with live links to the supporting material and to the examples, is on my Web site, and you're invited to explore it at whatever length you like, and to stay in touch with me about these issues. Point your web browser here (or type http://www.stthomasu.ca/hunt/smusite/ in the browser window) and this session can continue as long as anybody wants it to.

A final note: as I was putting this together there was a flurry of postings to the Association for Computers and Writing's email list; someone had asked list members to suggest useful readings on literacy and technology. The readings are not only available on the list's archive; a member of the list, Eric Crump, has assembled an interactive bibliography.