Prof. Åke Bjerstedt
Lund University, Malmö, Sweden
Raymond Bernard Cattell


My personal experience of Ray Cattell goes back to the early sixties.  My wife and I remember with warm feelings and gratitude the good time we spent in research at Ray's Urbana Laboratory of Personality Assessment and Group Behavior in 1961.  The work included lively discussions with a cosmopolitan group of people, including for example John Hundleby, Kurt Pawlik, Bien Tsujioka, and Frank Warburton.

At the time, our Bible was Ray's book: "Personality and Motivation Structure and Measurement", and my particular favorite was Ray's comprehensive "Objective-Analytic Test Batteries," parts of which I worked with in various clinical settings in Illinois, assisted by my wife and by our good, and always hungry, friend John Nesselroade.

As many others, I have long admired the strong combination of Comprehensiveness of Approaches and Patient Search for Empirical Evidence that characterized Ray's immense, strategic work in psychology.

My Polish colleague, Professor Mike Choynowski, once told me that he traveled around the United States to get acquainted with American Psychology.  He had met a very large number of psychology professors and read many papers.  But he had only found two psychologists with the "spark of God", he said.  One of these was Ray Cattell.

Prof. Åke Bjerstedt
Dept. of Educational and Psychological Research
Lund University
Malmö, Sweden
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