Maurice M. Tatsuoka, Ph.D.
Prof. Emeritus of Psychology - Univ. of Illinois 

Raymond Bernard Cattell

December 26, 1994

Ray's contributions to psychological science span research into the nature of the whole gamut of human psychological attributes from intelligence and creativity through motivation and achievement to personality traits.  In all of these ventures, he brought strict scientific method to bear, using factor analysis as his main tool. The numerous outcomes of Dr. Cattell's vigorous research activities range from the highly practical to the esoteric and theoretical.  The former include such important and widely used measuring instruments as the Culture Fair Intelligence Tests, the Motivation Analysis Test, the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (and its variants), and the Clinical Analysis Questionnaire.  The latter include many conceptual developments, chief among which is the distinction he introduced, within the general ability domain, between crystallized and fluid ability.  Recognition of this distinction added greatly to our understanding of human intellect as well as enhancing the predictability of differential aptitudes for different occupational categories.
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