Religious Traditions of China & Japan

course outline

learning reflection

inquiry reports (by author)

Melissa Agnew Amy Ainsworth Shauna Anderson Sheldon Bastarashe
Joel Brazier Bonnie Brewer Erin Coburn Natasha Colter
Melissa Davidson Stephanie Delaney Troy Dunnett David Feltmate
Jocelyn Fraser Yoshimi Fukui Theresa Hanley Heather Leger
Stacey Leger Bronwen Leonard Owen Marshall Adam McCluskey
Peggy McEachreon Martin McKenna Kelly Morey Ryan Murray
Melanie Nason Sonya Quinlan Dennis Rosenfeld Jason Sherman
Angela Wisniewski Sarah Wisniewski Laura Zinck

Support for Falung Gong practitioners (brought to our attention after classes were over by Melissa Agnew)

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