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Courses I Teach Regularly  [for current courses click here.]

The following are the courses I regularly teach, although I do not teach every course each year. To learn more about a course, you may click on the underlined green outline to read the most recent course outline ( or "syllabus") on the underlined green calendar for the University calendar (or "catalog") description.

RELG 1006:

Introduction to Religious Studies

outline calendar

RELG 1006T:

Truth in Society, the Aquinas Programme

outline calendar

RELG 2413/2423:

Introduction to Ritual Studies I & II

outline calendar

RELG 2193:

New Religious Movements: "cults" in the New Age

outline calendar

RELG 2203:

Health, Healing and Religions

outline calendar


Religious Traditions of China and Japan

outline calendar

RELG 3453:

Religious Traditions of India I

outline calendar

RELG 3473:

Native American Religions

outline calendar

RELG 3483:

Miigmag and Maliseet Religions

[formerly Micmac and Maliseet Religions]

outline calendar

RELG 3993:

[team-taught with colleagues in the RS department]

Religious Studies: Scope and Methods

outline calendar