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Liverpool's Third Cathedral, Mersey Docks and Pier Head
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~ Liverpool's History from 1960-1969 ~

The purpose of this page is to research the historical, social and psychological aspects contributing to music and crime in Liverpool from 1960-1969. The City has a rich and fascinating history as a seaport isolated from the more cosmopolitan southern regions of England. Its unique history and demographics is central to the development of music and crime during the sixties. Each of the articles presented herein is a work in progress and attempts to identify those factors responsible for changes in Liverpool's history, music and crime in the 1960s.

The interested reader will note that there is a focus on crime in Liverpool. The purpose of these articles is not to convey that crime is any more prevalent than in other cities in the United Kingdom or in similar sized cities around the world. The research uses Liverpool's unique location, history and demographics in concert with the case study method to explore controversial topics pertaining to music and crime in this famous port city. The topics examined herein have not been readily available in the research literature and are offered online so that others may benefit. As with all serious research, academic critiques are both necessary and expected.

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